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This is server for Simutrans-Extended (previously "Experimental")

This server is runing several simutrans servers:

One on standard port 13353 is runing with pak128.Britain-Ex

The game on port 13355 is runnig pak128.Sweden-Ex.  Swedish pak is not
complete, but partially playable - quite a lot of rail vehicles for pax
and mail is available, but no industries, no road vehicles.

On port 13354, there is a copy of bridgewater-brunel game.

The games running on this server are sandbox games to test the latest development features.
Special focus is to show and test various signalling practices around the world,
but anybody is welcome to join and test any feature of simutrans-extended.

Server is provided by Isaac, maintained by Vladki. Provided files are:
- linux 64-bit executables: simutrans-extended, makeobj-extended, simutrans-server
- zipped paksets:,,
- zipped other files (the simutrans directory including the server executable):
- windows executables in the folder: Devel-new-builds/
Any questions etc at:

The files here are updated only randomly. Use them if you want to join the games hosted here.
If you look for nightly builds go to:

This server is also hosting the game server listing service:


Simutrans Extended compiled 16.6.2017, last commit fot simutrans-extended/master

commit 3e04b63a3cc340bffc67bc126ac259adc9742921
Author: James E. Petts <>
Date:   Fri Jun 16 01:54:22 2017 +0100

    FIX: The in-game server browser did not work properly (incorrectly regarding all paksets as mismatched even when they were not)


British pakset compiled 16.6.2017, last commit for simutrans-pak128.britain/master

commit 122fa645ae91ecbc5eb9a55b5c939064bed21cab
Author: James E. Petts <>
Date:   Fri Jun 16 18:17:06 2017 +0100

    ADD: Street name


Swedish pakset compiled 13.4.2017, last commit for simutrans-pak128.sweden/half-heights:

commit f820a2ff3495b1e4f7dde674da5ef050b3ad3834
Author: Vladislav Kurz <>
Date:   Thu Apr 13 22:19:16 2017 +0200

    More fixes in

      Devel-new builds for Windows

*** As the the automatic nightly builds are workable now, I will not continue to upload new builds ***

The folder called "Devel-new-builds" contains the windows versions of the base package, the executable and makeobj for the developing version of Simutrans Extended in the current state.
Whenever something new is added AND I get around to compile, I will add new compiled versions to this folder.
For installation instructions, read the README.txt in that folder.
The build is compiled from the "Devel-new-2" branch from Jamespetts github (read the readme.txt in the devel new folder for information).


Newest build compiled 15.02.2017 using this commit:

commit 78519e11e6aa1ef1336499ea1da8cb013b53e883
Author: James E. Petts <>
Date:   Mon Feb 13 23:01:27 2017 +0000

    CODE: Add missing files (including project files omitted on the name change)


NOTE: The latest (or any currently existing) development build may not match the server version! Always check that the commit matches!