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The files uploaded here are random stuff made by Vladki and Ves, mostly referenced from simutrans forum.

Devel-new builds for Windows

** As the the automatic nightly builds are workable now, I will not continue to upload new builds **

The folder called "Devel-new-builds" contains the windows versions of the base package, the executable and makeobj for the developing version of Simutrans Extended in the current state.
Whenever something new is added AND I get around to compile, I will add new compiled versions to this folder.
For installation instructions, read the README.txt in that folder.
The build is compiled from the "Devel-new-2" branch from Jamespetts github (read the readme.txt in the devel new folder for information).

Newest build compiled 15.02.2017 using this commit:

commit 78519e11e6aa1ef1336499ea1da8cb013b53e883
Author: James E. Petts <>
Date:   Mon Feb 13 23:01:27 2017 +0000

    CODE: Add missing files (including project files omitted on the name change)