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     Devel-new builds and base files for Windows

This folder contains the makeobj for the developing version of Simutrans Extended (previously called "Experimental") for Windows.
Whenever something new is added AND someone is around to compile, new compiled versions may be added to this folder.

Please note:
These executables are compiled from a snapshot based on the current code and might contain severe bugs.
Also, the build might have been compiled in the "middle" of a new feature being implemented, so some functionality exist while other dont exist, potentially making the game unplayable.
If you are having troubble with one version, try one of the other versions. Be aware that some of the files within the zip-file "Simutrans-Extended" occasionally also gets updated.
Remember that this is a work in progress and also that the balance, pakset compatibility or features may be changed without notice.

Also, any savegames and paksets saved with any of these versions might not load on other versions. Old savegames and paksets (from "original" simutrans Experimental) are probably not supported at all and used at own risk.

The source code are found here:

If you encounter any bugs, first please make sure you have the newest up to date version of both pakset and executable! It might already have been fixed!
If your bug is within the newest build and not already reported, report them on the forum here:

The makeobj's are named with date compiled and the first letters of the gitcommit and eventual notes from me.
Example: yymmdd_xxxxx: "Makeobj-Extended_160629_0f8a75f.exe" is compiled 29 of june 2016 using the commit 0f8a75f

Neither I nor the server host have any responsibilities if any of this causes damage to your computer. Use at your own risk!