Simutrans Extended game listing server

This server is hosting the game server listing service: here

Simutrans-Extended (previously "Experimental") on-line games hosted here

The one on standard port 13353 is runing with pak128.Britain-Ex. According to demand on forums, it is smaller (1024 x 1024 = 128 x 128 km) and starts in 1820 - at the dawn of railways. It is also quite hilly, so we can test how trains behave on slopes and corners.

The game on port 13354, is the demo game from pak128.Britain-Ex. It is quite small, and already with several companies operating. Choose your company and try to get it in black numbers.

The game on port 13355 is running pak128.Sweden-Ex. Swedish pak is not complete, but partially playable - quite a lot of rail vehicles for pax and mail is available, but no industries, no road vehicles. The map is quite big (2048 x 4096 tiles = 256 x 512 km). It somewhat resembles swedish country around Stockholm with lots of lakes and islands.

The games running on this server are sandbox games to test the latest development features. Anybody is welcome to join and test any feature of simutrans-extended. Be nice to other players. If you build a nice network, keep a local copy. The server may be restarted and game deleted without prior notice.

Server is running curent nightly versions of simutans-extended and paksets. Download here.

Server is provided by Isaac, maintained by Vladki. Any questions etc at: forum

The files uploaded here are random stuff made by Vladki and Ves, mostly referenced from simutrans forum.